UltraSeven: The Complete Series (DVD)


This classic show aired on TNT here in the states in 1994. It was shown early mornings. What time, you ask? Ready? It aired at 6am in the morning. Yes, 6am. Pretty early, huh? Back in 1994, while visiting my nephew after taking him to a toy store on a weekend to get him a Godzilla toy (at that time, there was a toy company called Trendmasters producing Godzilla figures here in the states and I,… [read more →]

My Top 5 Death Metal Albums


Being a life long fan of this awesome form of music called "metal" (and all the related genres), I have most likely listened to possibly hundreds of bands and countless albums. There are so many bands I enjoyed growing up. Which brings me to this post. I wanted to compile a list of my top favorites bands/albums and share them. Now first and foremost, I am not saying these are the only… [read more →]

Ultraman: The Complete Series DVD


Ultraman: The Complete Series. This came out some years ago, but I never picked it up.. until recently. LOL This dvd set contains all 39 episodes of the series (contained on 6 discs). After watching the first episode, it took me back to the days of my youth when I would run home from school to see the show (one of the local tv networks played reruns of the series, the show was originally ran… [read more →]