Moved To Pico CMS

Published 17th Sep 2017

I recently updated my site. Needed some new code and a new look. I am using Pico CMS. Its a CMS that has been out for sometime now. I read up on it back when it was at version 0.8. At the time of this post, it is up to…

Hurricane Irma Strikes

Published 8th Sep 2017

Been quiet lately. This was due to the upcoming hurricane; Irma. We evacuated Florida last week (2017/09/08) and went to North Carolina to stay with my wife's sister and husband. My wife, our dog, myself and her mother packed up and left. We returned this past tuesday (2017/09/12) and found that…

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2

Published 3rd Aug 2017

After seeing the first Guardians Of The Galaxy, I was amazed at the storytelling of the film. It had great characters, a great villain and supporting cast that made this film just so enjoyable. Revcently, we had seen the sequel, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2. And like the first, it

New ESP M-10 Owner

Published 11th Jun 2017

Ordered one of these recently. It arrived last friday (2017/06/09) It arrived minutes after I walked in the door after work. As you can see, it likes its new home. A case I recently ordered. (Made by Knox) I love the satin finish. Strings and pickup are stock. I tuned her up…

Shin Godzilla Pre-Review

Published 6th Dec 2016

Being a longtime Godzilla fan, this made me feel exited to see another Godzilla film from Japan. After seeing the American Version (no, not the horrible 1998 film with Matthew Broderick) in 2014, I missed the Japanese "version" of films. I came across this via an article on a Godzilla…

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