Ultraman X: The Movie


Today, I watched this movie. The full name for this movie is Ultraman X The Movie: Here Comes! Our Ultraman. First let me start off and I say I have not watched the series Ultraman X before, so "X" is really new to me. It features some impressive looking monsters and great fighting action scenes. It also sports 8 Ultras (heroes).

The Monsters:

Alien Baltan
Alien Fanton Guruman
Cyber Gomora
Gorg Antlar
Gorg Fire Golza
Tsurugi Demaaga
Desastro (mentioned)

The heroes:

Ultraman X
Ultraman Tiga
Ultraman (original)
Ultraman Max
Ultraman Zero
Ultraman Max
Ultraman Victory
Ultraman Ginga

So if you are an Ultraman fan, definitely check this out.