Ultraman Great and Ultraman Powered Review


Today, I am going to review two installments in the Ultraman franchise that I found both unique and entertaining. They are Ultraman: Towards The Future (released in Japan as Ultraman Great) and Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero (released in Japan as Ultraman Powered). Both of these installments were filmed outside of Japan and both were coproduced with Tsuburaya Productions. Lets start with Ultraman:… [read more →]

Hurricane Irma Strikes


Been quiet lately. This was due to the upcoming hurricane; Irma. We evacuated Florida last week (2017/09/08) and went to North Carolina to stay with my wife's sister and husband. My wife, our dog, myself and her mother packed up and left. We returned this past tuesday (2017/09/12) and found that we were without power and a/c. Power was restored just hours ago, our a/c unit is okay but the air… [read more →]

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2

After seeing the first Guardians Of The Galaxy, I was amazed at the storytelling of the film. It had great characters, a great villain and supporting cast that made this film just so enjoyable. Recently, we had seen the sequel, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2. And like the first, it was entertaining. You had the original cast and a new villain. If you haven't seen either of these films, go see… [read more →]